Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day for My Husband.

Father's Day Wishes From Your Kids

From Adik

Abah adik nak ucapkan selamat hari bapa.
Abah best tak duduk kat US & UK?
abah sihat tak?adik sihat..
Abah duduk dekat mana sekarang?
adik sayang abah


Hai abah..How are you? I hope you enjoy yourself at United
 States and United Kingdom.Abah,if not i wanted to go to US and UK too.
Why didn't you put me in your bag,hahahahaha..Don't even have to pay..
JIMAT DUIT,hahaha..
Ok lah,i want to wish you'HAPPY FATHERS DAY'
Bye-bye ^_^

From Along

Abah,I want to say Happy Father's Day to you.Hope you have a splendid time in US,and no one troubles you.My Drama Competition is within two days,and I'm hating every minute of it.Hahaha.wish you were here..

From Afiq

Hello,I wanna say Happy Father's Day too.Urm,I really wish I could go with you to US..But I have a Drama Competition.Makes me really nervouse!Hope you have a fantastic time over there.


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